My family and I were visiting Joe’s Crab Shack in Long Beach on 11/9/13. We were seated on the upper level of the restaurant and decided to take the elevator when existing.

We all were exiting the elevator and I was the last one to exit and the door starting closing on me really fast and slammed into my should and my right hand causing severe swelling and bruising to my right hand and right index finger immediately. The hostess at the restaurant witnessed the incident and offered me some ice for my hand/finger when I indicated how much it was hurting. I indicated that yes, I would like some ice. When the hostess returned with the ice, the manager also came and asked me what occurred and took down my contact information and my statement and advised that she would have the General Manager contact me and to this day, I have not heard from the general manager.

I did speak to someone at the Ignite Restaurant Group who took my statement on 11/11/13 and advised that they were waiting on some information from the elevator company but have not heard anything since.

I had to end up going to see the doctor on 11/14 because I was and is still having pain so an x-ray was done. Luckily, there was nothing broken or fractured but I still incurred a bill that needs to be paid and the restaurant today has advised that they are not at fault and will not pay for the bill that was incurred due to the injury from their faulty elevator.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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